Reading Milestones for Children

Characterful Personalised Books - Reading-Milestones

Understanding the level of book to read, at the relevant age group, helps growth. Knowing whether to ask a child to point out an object, point out a word, identify a rhyme, or identify letters from their name, all help build confidence in reading.

At Characterful, we appreciate how important reading is for children, and teaching the correct level at each age can help build their love for reading.

So, we have put together the top reading milestones per age group:

  • Age 0-1 – This age group can learn up to 50 words, and understand that gestures and sounds in conversation create meaning and add emotion to a phrase.
  • Age 1-3 – Children in this age group will start answering questions about books that have been read to them, and are able to start identifying objects in images in the books.
  • Age 3 – Three year olds are able to listen to longer books that are read out aloud, and are able to identify the first letter of their name in text.
  • Age 4 – Children in this age group are able to understand when words rhyme in a book. Four year olds are able to learn that text is read from left to right, and top to bottom.
  • Age 5 – Five year olds are able to match some written words to spoken words. They are also able to start predicting what will happen in a story. Keep them involved by asking questions as you go.
  • Age 6-7 – This is the age group where children are able to start reading their own stories, they are also able to sound out syllables to decode a word when it is not known.
  • Age 7-8 – This age group are able to read longer books, with proper expressions, and they are able to correct themselves when they make a mistake while reading.
  • Age 9-13 – This is where children really come into their own when reading and choose their preference of books. They start to explore different kinds of books, like biographies, poetry, and fiction, and understand which they prefer.

There is no perfect way to help your child learn to read, but understanding these milestones will help you focus on what they are ready to learn, and help build their love for reading!