Bedtime Tips

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It comes around so quickly, we literally just put them to bed yesterday, how is it bedtime again?

Bedtime is often something kids battle with, whether it is due to fears, sleep disorders or the inability to fall asleep on their own.

So, we have rounded up our Bedtime Top Tips:

  • Make bedtime a family priority. If your child sees you getting ready for bed too, they won’t have FOMO about going to sleep!
  • Make sure bedtime is early enough. Once a child is overtired, their stress hormone, cortisone, makes it harder to settle down. This is one of the bigger drivers for restless bedtime.
  • Establish the four B’s routine: Bath, Brush teeth, Books, Bed.
  • Teach your kids to fall asleep on their own – most bed time problems come from the child’s inability to fall asleep without distraction. This is also where the need to be “put to bed” stems from. If you teach them to fall asleep without distraction, they are also able to put themselves back to sleep during the night.
  • Turn off screens two hours before bedtime. Make sure screens are not used as a way to wind down an active toddler or used as a distraction to fall asleep.
  • Help alleviate fears. Chat to your child and understand what these are. Turn it into something fun, like Monster Spray, naming the night lamp as a protector, etc, which all stop the fears used to stall bedtime.
  • Check for sleep disorders. There are many different child sleep disorders, and varying causes of them. A good resource on these is from NYU Langone Children’s Hospital. If you are aware of a particular disorder, you can try treat the cause.

There are so many great resources available. Help Guide have a look into sleep problems and possible causes and solutions.