When you’re growing up, you can’t help but marvel at the amazing characters around you.

Whether it’s the old lady down the street, or the dustbin men collecting the rubbish, we’ve all seen children use their imagination to create stories filled with the people around them. Stories which become magical and full of more than the everyday. But they begin in the real world.

That’s what we do at Characterful.

At Characterful, we produce stories of adventures and escapades. You’ll find books with pirates and mermaids, elves and magical bees. And all these stories start in our world, in the everyday world we live in.

And best of all – they’re about whoever you want them to be! With unique characters, you can put anyone you want at the heart of our story, whether it’s your child, your niece or nephew, a friend’s child or more. You can help them become a character in their own story.

We’ve written and drawn these books so children will be delighted with their own character and name, with a story personalised to them. You’ll be able to choose elements of the story to best match them, and we’ve centred each story about fun educational topics that you can do with them, whether it’s counting, matching shapes or spelling!

We’re passionate about children and their education. Because by helping them and their imagination take shape, we help them shape their own selves and work towards the best future they can.